Jenifer Browne Lawrence

I spoke to the long-armed lawman once, but what could he say except go 
. I a lightning-struck child in my 20s and you a door gunner from 
Arkansas with a list of splinters that marred your heart entire. We were 
joined by our separate terrors. We were like that porcupine glued to the 
pavement by a tire tread. Alive for the moment. Nowhere to go.

Jenifer Browne Lawrence is the author of Grayling (Perugia Press, 2015) and One Hundred Steps from Shore (Blue Begonia Press, 2006). Awards include the Perugia Press Prize, the Orlando Poetry Prize, and the James Hearst Poetry Prize. Her work appears in Bracken, Cincinnati Review, The Coachella ReviewLos Angeles Review, Narrative, North American Review, and elsewhere. Jenifer edits the Seattle-based journal, Crab Creek Review. Of the work published in Collateral, she writes, “My family has a long history of military service dating back to World War I, and continuing through many wars and conflicts since then. These poems are part of a manuscript-in-progress exploring the effects of war on intimate relationships.”