Everything Had Changed, and Nothing Was Different

by David Chrisinger

I threw Brett a going-away party at my mother’s house the night before he left for boot camp. It was a month or so after we graduated from high school. Summer of 2005. My mother was out of town visiting her old college friends, so my friends and I had the house to ourselves.

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Interview with Victor Villanueva

by Mariana (Mare) Grohowski

Victor Villanueva, who identifies as Puerto Rican, is Regents Professor and Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts at Washington State University. He is a military veteran of both the Vietnam and Korean wars, having served in the Army from 1968-1975.

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by Savannah Kater

The world is upside down.
There are two people in grey tones on the postcard a soldier sent home. 
As I turn them, they stand and fall. To the ground and to the sky. Leaves fall. Her hair falls.
They fall and rise together. 

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Fill in the Blanks

by Jeanine Pfeiffer

I was frantic to recover the voices.
But first:
(a) my belongings were scattered across a banged-up wooden desk; 

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A Mother’s Storm

by Mandy Tirrell

I tried to keep bullets out of their conversations for as long as possible. But eventually they asked. Most children do. Does Dad have to shoot a gun? Does he have to kill people?

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