“Imperialism in Pleasantville, New Jersey”
Robert Gibb

Summer in the fifties’ now-merged blur. One of my cousin’s
navy father’s stateside posts: coastal and near enough to
Pittsburgh that we’re visiting.

“Dear Yellow Jacket”
Devon Moore

I’ve been taught to wish
on discarded eyelashes.
You are light as an eyelash,
your stinger curving in on yourself,
each leg delicately tucked in,
so fetal, so noble.

Devon Moore

My father, who preferred the couch to his bed
because the TV helped him escape his helicopter-mind’s noise,
said he didn’t want me learning about war.

“Sleep Eyes”
(Smoky Hill AFB, Kansas, 1953)
Marilyn Nelson

Santa can find you wherever you are.
So being transferred here in November
won’t be a problem, Mama says.

“For You”
Stacy Pratt

I’d like to write
cool as your red shoes
and cuffed jeans,
your CD collection
of Johnny Cash
and Cause for Alarm,